Emi SAEKI, born in Tokyo, is a organist, clavichordist, pianist, accompanist, and composer. Ms. Saeki has a diverse music repertoire from Renaissance to Contemporary.
She has given concerts in Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Russia, The Netherlands as well as Japan, and appeared on local radio and TV shows in Japan. Her CDs include ‘Piazzolla and Schunittke’, ‘Wien Hall Live’, ‘Composition for <Je bent de liefst>’ ‘Mozart <London Sketchbook>’ 
Her concerts often collaborate with Japanese historical musical instruments.
Emi conducted research on historical musical instrument, Clavichord, and wrote a thesis “Jesuit missionaries and the clavichord in the Orient”, published by CLAVICHORD INTERNATIONAL. She gave speeches at Magnano Clavichord Symposium in Italy, and FIMTE (Festival Internacional de Música de Tecla Española) in Spain.
 She won the second prize award by her composition in Yamaha International Contest held in Kyoto, Japan.  She received Pipe organ diploma at the Conservatory at Enschede, Netherlands and nominated the Tubantia newspaper prize.