Fretted Clavichord  c.1700 (Russell Collection, Edinburgh) made by Darryl Martin

The triple fretted clavichord in the Russell Collection is one of the finest designed and most successful early instruments. Despite its small size, it produces a full sound and can be used for much earlier music where the triple fretting presents few problems. As is common with short octave instruments, it was designed for meantone tuning. The reproduction follows a very detailed examination of the original, and includes twisted wire for the lowest three notes of the short octave to improve their sound following the current setup of the original instrument. The instrument is very portable.(Darryl Martin)

Unfretted Clavichord after Hubert, 1771, made by Karin Richter

Christian Gottlob Hubert was one of the finest 18th-century German clavichord makers.
Hubert Clavichord 1771 is unfretted, 5 octave.

The instrument’s light and playful sound may be appreciated by players and audiences around the world.(St.Cecila’s Hall)